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Asset-Based Lending Training

3C Examinations is partnered with Hill Financial Education Services to provide collateral analysis training to commercial bankers. 3CE specializes in collateral review training with emphasis in the Asset-Based Lending market.

Currently we are offering classes on the Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending and Advanced Asset-Based Lending. Our classes are customized to the Bank's needs and policy to better service the Bank and its commercial bankers.

  • Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending
  • Advanced Asset-Based Lending course

These training courses taught by 3C Examinations can be scheduled through Hill Financial Education.

Course on the Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending

This course reviews the Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending (ABL), how it differs from commercial cash flow lending, and the characteristics of an ABL borrower, how ABL deals are structured, and how ABL collateral is analyzed. The session examines the appropriate techniques for calculating asset balances upon which to lend, including examination of customer prepared schedules of receivables and inventory, and ultimately determine the appropriate loan amounts against such collateral.

By utilizing a systematic ABL approach to certain relationships, benefits can be derived for both the bank and borrower, as an acceptable credit and lending relationship is maintained by both parties. Risk mitigation, via determination of appropriate borrowing base amounts, can achieve a beneficial risk reward balance for both the bank and the client. This course supplements the Loan Structuring Principles and Cash Flow courses.

Target audiences: The Fundamentals course is designed for commercial bankers that have some cash flow borrowing relationships requiring a more structured lending environment involving closer scrutiny of the accounts receivable and inventory held as collateral.

Contact Harlan Hill at Hill Financial Education Services to schedule this course.

Advanced Asset-Based Lending Course

This course is a more in-depth review of the Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending (ABL) course; examining the usefulness of the Working Investment Model, dilution, analysis of recurring borrower reporting, and the benefits of recurring collateral examinations.

By utilizing these systematic ABL approaches to certain relationships, the bank can respond quicker with risk mitigation and help guide the borrower into a better financial position allowing them to return to a traditional bank credit facility. This course supplements the Loan Structuring Principles, Cash Flow and Fundamentals of Asset-Based Lending courses.

Target audiences: This course is designed for bankers with some experience in collateral structured loans, but where additional monitoring and structure techniques are required to ensure the integrity of this source of repayment.